Thursday, June 1, 2017

Landscape Design: Hardscape Ideas

Hardscape refers to the heavier elements in landscape design, such as stones, rocks, outdoor kitchens, water features, walkways and swimming pools.

A brick pergola with outdoor kitchen
is a great addition to your outdoor living space
Once you are ready to create an outdoor living area, it is important to plan carefully to make sure you consider the space.  Hardscape is solid and unchanging and should last for years to come.  It can be the focal point of your area, but must be planned carefully.

It is important to hire an experienced Landscape Designer.   They will help you find the right balance between hardscape and softscape for a cohesive design that will be functional and beautiful.  

Before you hire a professional Landscape Designer, it might be helpful to have an idea what you are wanting.  How the area fits your needs and what your budget will be.  Then a Landscape Designer can sit down with you and help with the planning process.

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