Friday, June 2, 2017

Friday Focus on Landscape Design

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Urban Projects, or Urban Renewal is the rehabilitation of city areas by renovating or replacing dilapidated buildings with new housing, public buildings, parks, roadways, industrial areas, etc., often in accordance with comprehensive plans.

Across our modern cities, abandoned railway lines and industrial areas are being transformed into green public space 
New York’s High Linephoto credit:  shutterstock
New York’s High Line is the poster child for this trend. What was once an abandoned section of railway on New York’s Lower West Side has slowly been transformed into a vibrant public park and raised walkway.

One influencer of urban renewal is a change in attitude among the younger generation about what the city center is, and how it should be used.  The ability to walk, run or cycle are priorities among urban millennials, who have less tolerance for long car commutes and the suburban lifestyle their parents aspired to live.

Across the U.S., opportunities exist to transform old infrastructure through urban renewal projects, such as 1960s-built highways that cut through almost every major city.  Fifty years ago, the construction of highways fueled the housing industry, made jobs more accessible and created a comfortable middle-class.  But today, that model is outdated.

Transforming outdated infrastructure provides a win-win solution for people living in neighborhoods that lack the green space and location efficiency of the newly imagined urban core. As well as community bond and increased quality of life for residents, capital and talent moves toward a neighborhood on the up, creating a cycle of investment and increased value for investors and developers.

As we move towards a new, sustainable set of urban values, renewal projects present an exciting opportunity to create strong cities for the 21st century.

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