Thursday, April 13, 2017

Sunbeam Family Services Annual Shine A Light Gala

At Studio W, we feel being a great company includes giving back to the community we serve.

Studio W is excited to be a sponsor of the Sunbeam Family Services Shine A Light Gala!

On April 13, 2017  Sunbeam Family Services will host their annual Shine A Light Gala at the Oklahoma City Embassy Suites downtown Medical Center.  All funds raised will directly support Sunbeam’s programs that help children, families and seniors. The gala is planned entirely by a volunteer committee with OKC Thunder’s Russell Westbrook serving as Honorary Event Chair. 

Sunbeam Family Services seeks to meet the growing needs of Central Oklahoma’s most vulnerable citizens, providing help, hope and the opportunity to succeed to people of all ages. We offer real solutions, aiming to strengthen individuals, families, and communities through a continuum of programs: early childhood, foster care, counseling and senior services. We believe that if we provide high-quality services in these areas, we build stronger, brighter futures for Oklahomans.

Together we will celebrate the accomplishments of the past and the vision for the future of Sunbeam Family Services while shining a light on our Early Childhood Services program. 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Historic Oklahoma: Oklahoma City National Memorial

As a landscape design firm, we take pride in showing off historic places Oklahoma has to offer.  Each month in 2017 we will highlight a few places that are on the map. We hope you will follow us on this journey!

This month we would like to highlight 
The Oklahoma City National Memorial
The Oklahoma City National Memorial
photo courtesy:  Adventure Road
The outdoor symbolic memorial is a place of quiet reflection, honoring victims, survivors, rescuers and all who were changed forever on April 19, 1995. It encompasses the now sacred soil where the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building once stood, capturing and preserving forever the place and events that changed the world.

This month on April 19th we will remember and honor the 168 people who lost their life and those whose lives were forever changed by the events that took place April 19, 1995.  Oklahoma City will also host the 17th annual OKC Memorial Marathon on April 30, 2017...A Run to Remember. 

Through the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum, the world will never forget the 168 victims who died in the April 19, 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.
The Memorial is comprised of two separate components, each of which pays tribute to the victims of the tragedy in a distinctive way. The 3.3-acre Outdoor Symbolic Memorial includes such features as the Gates of Time, which mark the time before and after the bombing took place, and the Field of Empty Chairs, which memorializes each of the victims. The Survivor Tree, a resilient symbol of the attack, is an American Elm that withstood the full force of the bomb's blast on that fateful day.
Inside the 50,000-square-foot Memorial Museum, interactive exhibits offer a contrast between the immense brutality of the senseless act of violence and the tenderness of the city's response. This chronological, self-guided tour takes you through the story of April 19, 1995, and the days, weeks and years that followed.
For more information on commercial landscape design or high-end residential outdoor living and design, contact:  Studio W, or 405.285.5610


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Our Team: Meet Kerry Willmon, Office Manager/Executive Assistant

At Studio W, our company values, integrity and knowledge are never more apparent than when you meet our employees. Studio W feels fortunate to have such wonderful people on our team! 
Kerry Willmon
Studio W, Office Manager
Executive Assistant

I started working for Studio W, in August 2016, as the Office Manager/Executive Assistant to the president, Jason Wilke.  

My job is ever changing - which is what makes it fun and exciting.  Our business changes and grows on a daily basis, so my daily responsibilities are very fluid.  Whether we are working on a major commercial project like the Oklahoma Farm Bureau, or a high-end residential project, my job is to make sure everything runs smoothly and is coordinated internally.  I am also responsible for daily operations such as; bookkeeping, payroll, taxes, budgets and forecasts as well as all aspects of managing the office.

In the fall of 2015 I made the decision to close my home based business that allowed me to be at home with my own children for several years.  Getting back into the corporate world did have some challenges and new learning curves but that is what helps make us grow into better employee’s! 

I have been married to my husband Travis for almost 21 years and have two beautiful children- our daughter Baile is a Freshman in High School and our son Rok is in Pre-K. I enjoy watching OU Football and OU Basketball, sewing, cooking/baking, but mostly being with family and friends.

I am very grateful that I was given this wonderful opportunity.  Studio W is not just a place of employment; we are a family! 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Commercial Landscape and Design - Studio W

Commercial Landscape Design is more then just pretty plants and flowers.

The Oklahoma Farm Bureau Project incorporated soil
from all 77 Oklahoma Counties. as well as native plants

There are many benefits to a well designed commercial landscape space.  But it first starts with choosing the right company to design your space.

Look for a company who communicates with you and can take your ideas and create a space that is not only functional, but it will add to the value of your property.  You also want to be sure they can create a space that is not only attractive, but pleasant and inviting for your clients and employees.  They should be proactive and transparent in everything they do.

A well designed area can actually attract potential customers and employees.  It says a lot about your company - like curb-appeal for a home.  It's the difference between a bad first impression by allowing your company to be run down, or a great first impression by maintaining a nicely landscaped area that is pleasing and welcoming.

A well landscaped design can also be eco-friendly and promote productivity for your employees.  By creating an area that employees can enjoy on breaks or during lunch keeps your employees nearby and lets them know you care about the environment they work in.

At night, the Farm Bureau pillars, created by Studio W are
spotlighted by warm LED up lights.
You can use your landscaping to reflect your values in the community where you live.  Whether that is native plants, or soil from the counties you serve, as seen in the Oklahoma Farm Bureau project pictured.  Your customers will know you care about the environment and the community you serve.  

For more information on Landscape Design, contact:  The Studio W at or 405.285.5610

Monday, March 13, 2017

Historic Oklahoma: Oklahoma State Parks

As a landscape design firm, we take pride in showing off historic places Oklahoma has to offer.  Each month in 2017 we will highlight a few places that are on the map. We hope you will follow us on this journey!

This month we would like to highlight 

Oklahoma State Parks - Part I
Beavers Bend State Park

The Mountain Fork River in Beavers Bend State Park offers incredible scenery like 
this area where the water cascades over the rocky river bottom.

Explore Oklahoma's gorgeous scenery and inspirational places. Admire a beautiful waterfall, trek along a scenic byway overlooking forested hills or hike among ancient mountains.

This 3,482-acre park offers 47 cabins plus 393 campsites and over 50 tent sites spread over eight camping areas.  Escape into the serenity of nature and follow Mountain Fork River as it flows from the base of Broken Bow Lake through the park below.  This area provides visitors with spectacular views, as well as excellent canoeing and fishing opportunities.  

Enjoy hiking, biking, boating, fishing, water skiing, nature center activities, river float trips, canoeing, horseback riding and much more.  Trout streams are stocked year-round and the park features two catch-and-release trophy areas.  

This is one of Oklahoma's 33 state parks!  

Beavers Bend State Park is located at:
4350 S Hwy 259A
Broken Bow, OK  74728
Phone: 580-494-6300
Phone: 580-494-6556


Friday, March 3, 2017

Studio W Completes Farm Bureau Plaza Project

Plaza Project Represents 77 Counties and the Native Landscape of Oklahoma

At night, the Farm Bureau pillars, created by Studio W are
spotlighted by warm LED up lights.
Edmond based Studio W recently completed the Farm Bureau Plaza, a design concept that has been three years in the making and represents all 77 Oklahoma counties and its citizens. A lot are members of this “grass roots organization” statewide.
Stepping out of the building and entering the plaza, you see the dome of the capital that serves as a terminus for the sightline down the main sidewalk. 
There is an elevation change in the four planting beds which represent 4 quadrants of Oklahoma per the geography elevation map. The elevation changes start in NW Oklahoma at Black Mesa, the highest point in Oklahoma at 4,975’ and ends at the Little River located by the Arkansas border at 289’ above sea level.
“Studio W designed four different corten-steel pillars that are organized by location into the four different planting beds, each designed at different heights. This symbolizes the elevation change in Oklahoma,” said Zach Murphy, Landscape Designer at Studio W.
In the center of the plaza is the 19’ x 9.5’ Oklahoma Farm Bureau Logo. This is surrounded by pavers bought and engraved by employees, families, organizations and companies that are associated with and trusted by the Farm Bureau. These pavers were sold as a donation campaign that will continue for years to come.
The planting design for the plaza represents the native landscape of Oklahoma, a state which contains twelve “level three ecosystems” making it mile for mile one of the most ecologically diverse states in the country. The plant material selected was organized to coincide with the design intent of the hardscape thus tying into the quadrant concept.
“The completion of our newly renovated plaza couldn’t be timelier. This year marks our 75th anniversary and the dedication of this space will be the first of several events celebrating our storied past. As the largest agricultural organization in Oklahoma, this plaza is dedicated to our members who serve as stewards of the land all across Oklahoma,” said Tom Buchanan, President of Oklahoma Farm Bureau.
A major goal of the project was to utilize at least 60% native plant material. If the material is not native than it was selected to resemble plant material from that quadrant of the state. Studio W did this successfully within the design using 69% native material throughout the site. Ornamental grasses were selected to be the focus of the plant pallet while using evergreen and deciduous shrubs to act as visual accents or to frame entrances to the plaza and buildings. In turn this selection represents the plains, prairie, and crosstimbers ecosystems that make up much of the state. Grasses are seen more heavily on the western half of the site representing southwestern and northwestern Oklahoma. The eastern half of the site utilizes more trees and shrubs to represent the more forested areas of the state ranging from the Ozark Highlands and Boston Mountains to the South Central Plains of Southeastern Oklahoma.
The design has natural curvilinear forms on the periphery of the plaza to transition into the larger part of the site, this is a stark contrast to the dominant hard, clean lines of the architectural style of the building that was built in 1954. 
“At night, the pillars are spotlighted by warm LED up lights. The LED comprehensive lighting system allows for specific light shows, color combinations and effects, to illuminate the front sign at the Farm Bureau. The lighting system will incorporate a tasteful fluctuation of light creating an active display of the Farm Bureau logo and company name which is sure to catch the attention of anyone passing by.” said Jason Wilke Owner of Studio W. 
The Farm Bureau plans to utilize the Plaza for educational gatherings specifically for school age children, ceremonies, multi-purpose corporate gatherings, and utilized by employees more intimately throughout the day.
For more information, contact, Jason Wilke, Owner, The Studio W, The State’s Premier Landscape and Design Company,, 405.285.5610

Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Focus on Landscape Design

Each Friday Studio W will post new and relevant information regarding Landscape Design and Architecture.  We hope you will find this useful and share with family and friends.  Please feel free to reach out to us at or 405.285.5610.

What is a Landscape Designer:
A landscape designer, sometimes called a landscape architect, creates attractive, functional outdoor spaces for homeowners, businesses, schools and other organizations.  They combine nature and culture.   Landscape Designers influence Natural Processes, Social Processes and Aesthetic Processes. 

"Landscape architects design the built environment of neighborhoods, towns and cities while also protecting and managing the natural environment, from its forests and fields to rivers and coasts. Members of the profession have a special commitment to improving the quality of life through the best design of places for people and other living things. In fact, the work of landscape architects surrounds us. Members of the profession are involved in the planning of such sites as office plazas, public squares and thoroughfares. The attractiveness of parks, highways, housing developments, urban plazas, zoos and campuses reflects the skill of landscape architects in planning and designing the construction of useful and pleasing projects."

Studio W is a professional landscape design firm offering creative solutions to maximize function and durability in our projects.

Headquartered in the rapidly growing Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area, Studio W is fortunate to have access to virtually limitless opportunities. With that in mind, we are driven to influence not only our professional design community, but our civic community as well.

For more information, or to contact a professional Landscape Designer, email or cal405.285.5610