Friday, June 16, 2017

Looking Ahead: Landscape Architecture and Design

Being outside has ben linked to better moods and better outlooks on life.  According to the Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, they found that getting outside and moving for as little as five minutes at a time improved both mood and self-esteem.
Today's landscape is lush with native plants
and hardscape features to fit your space
Being outside has ben linked to better moods and better outlooks on life.  According to the Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, they found that getting outside and moving for as little as five minutes at a time improved both mood and self-esteem.
So what does the future of landscape look like?  In this series, today we will look at residential landscape.

Residential Landscapes:
Across the country people use their backyard as a place to relax and get away from the stress of their busy life.  Whether that be work, running the kids to sporting events or activities, having a space to "get-away" has become the trend. 

With the ever changing world of technology, LED lighting, wireless audio, wi-fi access and the many water features to choose from, people have more choices now then ever before.  And depending on the area they live, outdoors is where they seem to spend their

But what's on the horizon?  As we see the world becoming more dependent on electronics and technologies to do it for them, i.e. robotic vacuums, your landscape won't be left out.  

As the population works more, they crave a low-maintenance lifestyle.  Where we once spent hours outside in the garden, got dirty, and as we sometimes call it "labor of love" - we don't want to give up our gardens and beautiful landscaped areas, but we may see more technology doing it for us.  

What's in the future of landscape architecture and design?  Maybe self driving lawnmowers and other outdoor lawn equipment.  Low maintenance is the keyword - keep it simple.  People will still want their beautiful yard, entertainment areas and pools with all the bells and whistles.  But studies show today's generation doesn't want to "do it themselves" they want to hire a professional landscape firm to do it for them.  And they don't want to spare any expense.

Swimming pools are becoming more elaborate with rock waterfalls and LED lighting.  Stone walking pathways lead to a complete outdoor kitchen and entertainment area - and don't forget the water features or beautiful outdoor fireplaces where friends and family spend hours.

Whether you want an outdoor living space with all native plants, homemade raised garden and all the simplicity of the past, or you want new technology with an elaborate outdoor space with a putting green and futuristic features, a professional landscape design firm can help you plan and build your space.

The professionals at Studio W work with high-end residential clients daily to help create a backyard paradise they can enjoy for years to come.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Historic Oklahoma: Oklahoma Highway 7 Adventure

As a landscape design firm, we take pride in showing off historic places Oklahoma has to offer.  Each month in 2017 we will highlight a few places that are on the map. We hope you will follow us on this journey!

This month we would like to highlight 
Oklahoma Highway 7 - Outdoors Adventure

Travertine Creek at the Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Sulphur

If you are looking for beautiful landscape and outdoor adventure in Oklahoma, try the scenic route along State Highway 7 between Davis and Atoka.  

Along the way you can explore Canasaw Nature Trail at McGee Creek.  It is one-mile of primitive trail and runs through rocky, pine-covered terrain - which is great for hiking.

You can also stop at McGee Creek State Park near Farris.  The lake there is one of the states most popular bass fishing lakes.  The view is beautiful and includes rock bluffs, deep canyons and beautiful terrain.

Just west of Atoka you will find Boggy Depot Park.  This park is very quiet and secluded and situated just south of State Highway 7.  During the Civil War it was a well-established crossroads, serving as a Confederate commissary.  It was a regular stop along the Butterfield Stage Line and for soldiers traveling the old Texas Road between Fort Gibson and Fort Washita.

The drive from Atoka to Sulphur along State Highway 7 is covered with beautiful landscapes.  Once you arrive in Sulphur you can drive through the Chickasaw National Recreation Area.  The park is famous for it's cool water streams.  Chickasaw National Recreation Area also maintains a small herd of American bison. 

Along the way you can stop at Blue River and then the Lake of the Arbuckles.  

Oklahoma offers beautiful landscapes, natural history and areas that some may never visit - only because they aren't aware they exist.  We hope by sharing each month it will add a little Oklahoma history and allow you to visit sites you've never seen before.


Thursday, June 8, 2017

Outdoor Lighting Highlights Pool and Landscape

Outdoor lighting can add a certain ambiance to your backyard.  When placed around a swimming pool, it also adds an element of safety.
Lighting adds a beautiful focal point to your
pool and surrounding landscape

There are many ways and areas you can highlight outdoor features with lighting.  You can add LED lights that change colors to add a dramatic look, or soft white lights to highlight plants and ensure safety when walking around a swimming pool at night.

Lighting is also a great way to light pathways or entertainment areas.

When entertaining outdoors, task lighting is essential.  Whether you are grilling or doing outdoor activities after dark, the proper lighting will help make your party a success.

Soft white lighting can be added to pergola's or around a bar top to give it a sense of relaxation and tranquility.  While color changing lights around a pool or hot tub changes the whole environment making it more fun and playful.

It's important where you add lighting and how much lighting is added to each area so they aren't competing with each other.  That's where a professional landscape design firm can help.  They will help you design the space, help add plants that are native to your area, and add the appropriate lighting in the right places.

Investing in a beautiful backyard space will last for years to come and add to the value of your property if you ever decide to sell it.

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Friday, June 2, 2017

Friday Focus on Landscape Design

Each Friday Studio W will post new and relevant information regarding Landscape Design and Architecture.  We hope you will find this useful and share with family and friends.  Please feel free to reach out to us at or 405.285.5610.

Urban Projects, or Urban Renewal is the rehabilitation of city areas by renovating or replacing dilapidated buildings with new housing, public buildings, parks, roadways, industrial areas, etc., often in accordance with comprehensive plans.

Across our modern cities, abandoned railway lines and industrial areas are being transformed into green public space 
New York’s High Linephoto credit:  shutterstock
New York’s High Line is the poster child for this trend. What was once an abandoned section of railway on New York’s Lower West Side has slowly been transformed into a vibrant public park and raised walkway.

One influencer of urban renewal is a change in attitude among the younger generation about what the city center is, and how it should be used.  The ability to walk, run or cycle are priorities among urban millennials, who have less tolerance for long car commutes and the suburban lifestyle their parents aspired to live.

Across the U.S., opportunities exist to transform old infrastructure through urban renewal projects, such as 1960s-built highways that cut through almost every major city.  Fifty years ago, the construction of highways fueled the housing industry, made jobs more accessible and created a comfortable middle-class.  But today, that model is outdated.

Transforming outdated infrastructure provides a win-win solution for people living in neighborhoods that lack the green space and location efficiency of the newly imagined urban core. As well as community bond and increased quality of life for residents, capital and talent moves toward a neighborhood on the up, creating a cycle of investment and increased value for investors and developers.

As we move towards a new, sustainable set of urban values, renewal projects present an exciting opportunity to create strong cities for the 21st century.

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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Landscape Design: Hardscape Ideas

Hardscape refers to the heavier elements in landscape design, such as stones, rocks, outdoor kitchens, water features, walkways and swimming pools.

A brick pergola with outdoor kitchen
is a great addition to your outdoor living space
Once you are ready to create an outdoor living area, it is important to plan carefully to make sure you consider the space.  Hardscape is solid and unchanging and should last for years to come.  It can be the focal point of your area, but must be planned carefully.

It is important to hire an experienced Landscape Designer.   They will help you find the right balance between hardscape and softscape for a cohesive design that will be functional and beautiful.  

Before you hire a professional Landscape Designer, it might be helpful to have an idea what you are wanting.  How the area fits your needs and what your budget will be.  Then a Landscape Designer can sit down with you and help with the planning process.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, contact:  

The Studio W

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Irrigation systems and why it's important to your landscape

Irrigation is the method in which a controlled amount of water is supplied to plants at regular intervals to help maintain landscapes.

Proper irrigation is important to maintain the
life of your landscape
There are four methods of irrigation:

  • Surface
  • Sprinkler 
  • Drip/trickle
  • Subsurface 

Landscaping doesn't end with planting trees, shrubs and flowers.  Your landscape must be maintained and a proper irrigation system will put water right where you need it without wasting water.  

So before investing in your landscape, talk to a professional about an irrigation system or proper watering to help maintain your investment.

How and when to water:
Some people don't realize they are under-watering.  They think by applying light daily watering that it will be sufficient.  It is actually harmful to water lightly each day.  Frequent light applications wet the soil to a depth of less than 1 inch. Most plant roots go much deeper. Light sprinkling only settles the dust and does little to alleviate drought stress of plants growing in hot, dry soil. Instead of light daily waterings, give plants a weekly soaking. When watering, allow the soil to become wet to a depth of 5 to 6 inches.
This type of watering allows moisture to penetrate into the soil area where roots can readily absorb it. A soil watered deeply retains moisture for several days, while one wet only an inch or so is dry within a day.
Then there are those who water often and heavy and they drown their plants. Symptoms of too much water are the same as for too little. Leaves turn brown at the tips and edges, then brown all over and drop from the plant. These symptoms should be the same, since they result from insufficient water in the plant tissue.
Too much water in a soil causes oxygen deficiency, resulting in damage to the root system. Plant roots need oxygen to live. When a soil remains soggy little oxygen is present in the soil. When this condition exists roots die and no longer absorb water. Then leaves begin to show signs of insufficient water. Often gardeners think these signs signal lack of water, so they add more. This further aggravates the situation and the plant usually dies quickly.
By thoroughly watering the soil at each watering, and then allow plants to extract most of the available water from the soil before watering again. 
For more information on Landscape Design and Irrigation, contact:  Studio W, o405.285.5610

source:, aggie-horticultural.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Landscape Design for Community Parks and Common Areas

Landscape can do more then increase property value,  a beautiful landscaped area can attract new homeowners and give communities a space they can enjoy.

As a developer or Homeowners Association, investing in landscape, a common area, or a community swimming pool can attract future buyers and extend the life of your investment.

In order to get the most out of your potential space, it is best to hire a professional landscape design firm who can help in the design phase and who is educated in proper landscape for the environment, future maintenance, and how to get the most out of the space.

This is especially important when designing a neighborhood entrance.  A landscape designer can help bring curb-appeal to the entrance of a neighborhood.  A knowledgeable landscape designer will use plants that are native to the area which are more durable.  Knowing what plants work best for the terrain and environment can save the HOA money in future maintenance.

A beautiful, well designed landscape and community common area will add value to the area, can increase sales for the developer, and will give the community a place to gather and enjoy for years to come.  In a competitive real estate market, landscaping could be the difference in selling a home and increasing the neighborhoods value.

For more information on commercial landscape design, contact the Studio W at or 405-285-5610.